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Word on the Street

“My experience being treated by Dr. Dune was unequivocally the best experience I've had with any doctor in my entire life. And that's saying a lot considering the list of doctors I've sought for treatments is pages long.”


“Dr. Dune is amazing; incredibly attentive, very knowledgeable and professional, uncommonly invested in her patients...I don't have enough good words.”

Teresa Y.

“Dr. Dune was an absolute pleasure to meet. She took her time and answered all my questions. She was professional, compassionate and she also has a sense of humor. I Highly recommend her!”

Tihesha C.

“After a complicated search for a qualified gynecologist who could treat my complex issues, I was referred to Dr. Dune. Immediately she helped me feel hopeful that my issues were treatable and preventable. Her diagnosis spot on when other doctors missed it.”


“I think Dr. Dune might be the best doctor I have ever seen - extraordinarily knowledgeable, approachable and kind. I'm so grateful that I found her.”

Kirsty M.

“Efficient, highly knowledgeable and truly dedicated to patients well-being. I have never felt this well cared for. From the initial consultation to the immediate followup Dr. Dune is personable and kind while delivering top-notch, specialized medical care. She listens, answers questions, and clearly and confidently explains the next steps. Thank you Dr. Dune. You are what every doctor should strive to be.”


“She is extremely good and dependable She follows the case good and is on top Of every thing I know I am in good hands very knowledgeable She is just the best.”

Shaista S.

“Dr. Dune is the closest I've come to concierge medicine. She listened intently and has repeatedly gone above and beyond using her own knowledge, colleagues inside the hospital and resources outside the hospital to come to a diagnosis. She has no ego about working with other colleagues and has become my advocate when other drs had turned me away due a rare condition. She is patient, kind and makes sure her staff gets all of the paperwork you need to go through. She even calls you back herself!”



“I am completely dedicated to forming partnerships with each and every one of my patients, and I am extremely passionate about working together as a unit in order to facilitate the best patient education including personalized, well-rounded care.”

Tanaka J. Dune

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